Call for Papers

Presentations in the following fields are welcome:

  • Theoretical and methodological aspects of language and migration.
  • Language integration problems of immigrants.
  • Bilingualism and multilingualism.
  • Intercultural communication.
  • Language and identity.
  • Language varieties.
  • Language contacts.
  • Migration and (Language) Education.

Time for presentation: 20 min.

Conference language – English.

You are welcome to submit your scientific articles in English (or other language) for publishing in the journals:

Acta Linguistica Lithuanica (ISSN 1648-4444) via e-mail . Editor-in-chief Akad. Prof. Dr. Grasilda Blažienė. More information about the journal:

Standard Language (ISSN 2351-7204) via e-mail . Editor-in-chief doc. dr. Rasuolė Vladarskienė. More information about the journal:

Terminology (ISSN 2669-2198) via e-mail . Editor-in-chief dr. Albina Auksoriūtė. More information about the journal: